Studio tatuażu Dirty Tattoo Szczecin

Dirty Tattoo is an artist owned and driven tattoo studio established by Maciek “Licz”, a tattoo artist with 12 years of experience in Poland and abroad, who decided to start his own business. The centrally located studio of an artistic modern design, unique ambience and friendly atmosphere provides professional customer service. The Dirty Tattoo Studio comprises experienced, talented and passionate artists, including Maciek “Licz” and Piotrek “Blady”. Karola, the studio’s manager, makes sure things are in order and services delivered on time. She will always answer all your questions and manage to fit an appointment for you into the tight schedule.


“Licz” Maciek

Black and color realism tattoo.

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„Blady” Piotrek

Realism tattoo, graphic, black and gray.

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traditional, dot work, graphic tattoo

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Studio tatuażu Dirty Tattoo Szczecin

Dirty Tattoo
ul. Śląska 53A/LU2
70-430 Szczecin

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