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Studio RegulationsExpand


  1. The Client should read and understand the regulations.
  2. To order a tattoo in the studio, the Client needs to be 18+ or at least 16 years old and with a parent’s written consent signed in the Studio.
  3. The Studio does not make tattoos to people under the influence of alcohol, street or medical drugs and intoxicants.
  4. The Studio may refuse to make a tattoo without specifying a reason.
  5. All photographs, designs and tattoos developed in the Studio are subject to copyright.
  6. The process of making a tattoo is irreversible. Before the session, the Client needs to consider his/her decision carefully.


  1. The Client can make a tentative appointment for the session by filling out a contact form available at Studio’s website, official Studio’s Facebook profile, Instagram, by phone, email or in person.
  2. The booking is confirmed once the Client pays a deposit to the Studio.
  3. The deposit can be paid by bank transfer to the Studio’s account or in person in the Studio.
  4. The deposit is deducted off the final price of the tattoo.
  5. The payment of the deposit is equivalent to the acceptance of the Regulations.
  6. The payment of the deposit should be made within 3 working days from making an appointment for the session. After that time, the tentative appointment is canceled.
  7. Tentative booking without the deposit paid in due time is not binding.
  8. The deposit is non-returnable.
  9. The Client may lose the deposit, if he/she fails to come to the Studio for the session on an agreed date and does not contact the Studio to change the appointment 3 working days before the date of the session at the latest.


  1. The Client has the right to change the date of the session 3 working days before the date booked at the latest.
  2. If the Client fails to appear for the session without notice delivered at least 3 working days before the session, the Client will lose the deposit. To set another appointment, the Client will be required to pay a deposit again.
  3. If the Client needs to cancel the session, the Client may request the return of the deposit, provided the Client notifies the Studio about the situation 7 working days before the date of the session at the latest.


  1. The Studio does not have a fixed price list.
  2. Every time tattoo prices are agreed with the Studio separately, and each design is priced individually.
  3. Pricing is based on the size, complexity, colors, style and details included in the tattoo. With larger projects, tattoo price is broken down to daily sessions, and the total cost depends on the number of sessions necessary to complete the tattoo.
  4. Pricing is based on information from the Client and each time a price spread is defined. During the session in the Studio, the tattoo may be extended or reduced, since the Studio does not calculate the price per centimeter but instead adjusts the size to fit the tattooed place.


  1. A design for the Client is made a week before the session date at the earliest.
  2. The Studio does not send designs in advance.
  3. The custom design is based on information from the Client and the design is presented to the Client at the beginning of the session, unless the Client agrees otherwise with the artist. The Client has the right to make changes to the design after it has been presented.


  1. Smoking or drinking alcohol or other intoxicants is prohibited in the Studio.
  2. The Client is prohibited to touch any equipment and auxiliary materials used to make tattoos. Failure to observe the rule may result in a permanent loss of health.
  3. People coming to be tattooed must observe general sanitary rules of the Studio and follow instructions given by artists and Studio personnel.
  4. Before the session, the Client will be asked to sign his/her consent form for making the tattoo and inform the artist about his/her health status, read a warning notice regarding possible complications in case of failure to take due care or consequences of hidden deceases or allergies, and then sign a statement on accepting the risk. In case the Client hides any information or provides false information about his/her health, the Studio is not liable for any possible complications.
  5. Please do not bring small children and/or animals for the session.
  6. The Client can bring maximum one person to accompany him/her during the session.


  1. After the session, the tattoo artist provides detailed instructions and written information about necessary aftercare and healing.
  2. The Studio is not liable if the Client fails to observe aftercare recommendations.
  3. In case of any doubt regarding healing and aftercare, the Client should contact the Studio.
  4. After the tattoo has healed, any necessary corrections are provided for free within maximum one year 1 after the session. After that period, the Client will be requested to pay for corrections.
  5. The Studio offers professional cosmetics promoting tattoo healing,


  1. The Studio offers tattoo gift vouchers.
  2. A gift voucher bought with the Studio is valid 1 year from the purchase date. During this period, an appointment for the session has to be agreed. In case of failure to agree an appointment during 1 year from the purchase date, the validity of the voucher will expire.
  3. The Client booking his/her session with a voucher has to follow all ordinary booking rules except the need to pay a deposit.


  1. In case the tattoo was made by a guest artist, the Studio is not liable for the tattoo. If corrections are needed, the Client needs to contact the artist directly.
  2. In case the tattoo is made or started to be made by an artist who discontinues his/her cooperation with the Dirty Tattoo Studio, the Client is required to contact the artist directly to agree any correction or completion of the tattoo. The Dirty Tattoo Studio is not liable for any problems to contact an artist who does no longer cooperate with the Studio.

What are the nearest appointment dates?Expand

It depends on the artist you choose and the design you want to have tattooed. In the case of smaller designs, you may need to wait about 2 weeks, whereas in case of designs that require all-day sessions at least 3 months. We work from Monday to Friday, from 11 AM to 6 PM, and on Saturdays from 11 AM to 3 PM. Send us your design, and we will suggest nearest appointment dates.

How can I make an appointment with the Studio?Expand

Fill out the contact form, email us, contact us on FacebookInstagramcall us or come to the Studio. Remember, the more information we have about your design (place, rough size, style, colors), the easier it is for us to price it and define time needed to make it.

Why do I need to pay a deposit?Expand

Your deposit is the confirmation of your appointment and a guarantee for us that time booked with the tattoo artist to develop a design and session will not be wasted. Your deposit will be calculated towards the final price for the session. You will lose your deposit if you fail to come for your session on an agreed date and do not inform the studio about the fact 3 days before at the latest. The payment of the deposit also means that you have read and accepted our studio regulations.

Will you send me a design for my tattoo?Expand

We do not send tattoo designs in advance. Designs are based on consultation and information you provide. You can review designs on the date of the session. Once you go through the portfolio of the artist and share all necessary information, you can be sure that the final effect will be satisfactory. Before you start the session and after you have reviewed the design, you can make some minor changes that do not interfere with the main concept of the design. Since we respect your and our time, we use due skills and care to meet your expectations. Regrettably, since some of our designs have been stolen in the past, we do not email them prior to the session.

Why the price is approximate only?Expand

We price your tattoo based on information you provide and each time we define a price spread. During your session in the Studio, the tattoo may be extended or reduced, since we do not calculate the price per centimeter but instead adjust the size to fit its place. Pricing is based on the size, complexity, colors, style and details included in the tattoo. With larger projects, a tattoo price is broken down to daily sessions, and the total cost depends on the number of sessions necessary to make your tattoo.

How long does a session take?Expand

A one-day session is usually about 5-6 hours. You should add to that time needed to prepare for the session, and in the case of the first session also time necessary to lay-out and transfer the design. In the case of one-day sessions, please reserve your entire day for your appointment in the Studio, since there might be unexpected situations that prolong the duration of the session. In the case of smaller tattoos, we will try to estimate time needed for their rendering and inform you on making the appointment.

Do you offer tattoo cover up?Expand

Yes, we do cover old and unwanted tattoos with new designs. However, our possibilities depend on the design of the tattoo you already have. After consultation with the artist, we will tell you what we can or cannot do. Sometimes, before making a cover up, we suggest getting the tattoo lasered in a recommended location.

What are contraindications for tattooing?Expand

  • treatment with antibiotics, prolonged medication involving strong drugs, e.g. steroids
  • heart decease, e.g. hypertension
  • hemophilia, prolonged bleeding tendency
  • skin disorders and allergies
  • large scars healing of which has not been completed
  • pregnancy and breast feeding
  • post-operative period, raised temperature etc.
  • you need to inform your tattoo artist if you are HIV or Hepatitis B positive!

How can I get ready for the session?Expand

You need to rest and eat well before the session. While being tattooed your cloths may get stained, so it is worth wearing dark colors or bring other clothes to change. You should wear something suitable for the tattoo you are going to have to ensure the best possible access to the tattooed place (e.g. shorts in case you get your legs tattooed, shirts with their back cut in case of back piece tattoo etc.). You should shave and balm your skin before the session to prevent it from drying during the process. For longer sessions, we suggest taking snacks and drinks. Since the tattoo process might be burdensome, you may feel weakness, fatigue, shivers or even fever. Do not plan any activity after the session.

Since I am afraid it will hurt, can I use painkillers before getting my tattoo?Expand

Pain sensations are very subjective and depend much on the spot being tattooed. If you are concerned that making the tattoo may hurt, use numbing creams, such as Emla, Dr. Numb, and Swiss Medical. Apply cream on your skin at the tattooed place and cover it tight with plastic wrap about an hour before coming to the Studio. The wrap will be removed by the tattoo artist in the Studio. Time needed for numbing cream to take effect and wear off is very individual and it is usually between 30 minutes to 2 hours. This type of anesthetics cannot be repeated during the procedure since you need to wait at least an hour before the cream takes effect.

How to take care of my tattoo after the session?Expand

Please read this short guide – Aftercare

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